Five reasons .LIVE is a valuable tool in your live streaming toolbox

There are countless tools to assist the up-and-coming live streamer, from how-to articles and videos to a diverse range of platforms to hardware to increase overall production value. And while many savvy live streamers are taking advantage of these tools and available information, the reality is that most of this is geared toward producing quality content with a consistent and unique voice and message. The reality is, there’s another equally important aspect of the equation that often goes ignored: how to help your audience find your content. It might sound complicated, especially when you’d prefer to focus on creating content, but the reality is that it doesn’t have to be.

Something as simple as a domain can accomplish a great deal to help establish your brand and help your audience follow you across social media sites and platforms to your content. And for many live streamers, a .LIVE domain in particular captures the immediacy and appeal of your chosen medium.

.LIVE is a multi-functional tool with loads of appeal. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Personal branding.

You’re a live streamer because you have something to say and part of the challenge of communicating that message is finding your audience. The right domain can help communicate who you are and what you’re passionate about. For example, tells audiences they can expect to find live content on your site. A .LIVE domain connects you as a live streamer to a larger movement comprised of millions of active content creators while positioning you uniquely within that world.

The right domain can help communicate who you are and what you’re passionate about

2. Calls to Action.

Maybe you want a memorable, personalized link fans can use to find and follow you on social media. Maybe you want to direct your fans to sites with additional information about a particular subject or to a page for an event you’ll be attending. Whatever the call to action, a .LIVE domain can create the memorable, personalized path your audience needs to get where you want them.

3. Portability.

Platforms don’t last forever, and there’s little point in building an audience around a third party platform domain that’s going to expire when the platform goes away or you decide to switch your focus to a new platform. With you can direct your audience to Periscope today and Facebook Live tomorrow.

4. Campaigns.

Most live streamers are passionate about a number of issues and participate in any number of shows across any number of platforms. A one-off, limited, or specially themed show might warrant its own name and a domain to go with that name to help distinguish this content. Whether it’s a special campaign to bring attention to human trafficking or a particular health condition or concern, tells your audience exactly what you care about and helps them get more involved.

5. Complementary domains.

Digital identity isn’t as simple as it used to be. Ten years ago, a brand could rely on a single website to promote a product or message. Today’s live streamers typically promote their content and message across websites and profiles on a handful of third party social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The old approach of relying on a single domain to carry your brand forward simply isn’t enough, especially given that these third party platforms understandably put their brands first with domains like Live streamers that want a thoughtful, curated experience for their audience need to take a creative approach registering complementary domains like,, and and taking the five minutes to redirect them to a third party platform.