How To: Downloading your live streams from Facebook

Hey, everybody. It’s Sean. I’m over here at Be.Live, and I just wanted to do a quick little informational thing here for you guys. As you probably heard, Vine is going away. In the past, Meerkat went away. Blab pivoted on what they were focusing on, and one of the things that people have been asking a lot about is, “How do I protect myself from this? How do I make sure that I don’t lose all the content and all the followers that I had?”

The first answer is, each platform is different, of course. Today I’m going to show you how to save your Facebook videos. In future episodes, I’m going to do YouTube. I’ll do Vine, and other ones as they come up.

As far as followers go, that’s a bit trickier, but also it can be really simple if you start out the right way. A lot of people that have Vine accounts and are doing very well with them, they share out their Vine URL. As a result, they’re going to have to retrain all those people, or those people are going to have to find where they go to from Vine.

If you have your own domain name, for example, a .live domain name, you can point that at your Facebook Live, or your video on YouTube, or any number of sites. What this means is, if one of those platforms goes away, you simply change where you’re pointing it to, and if you’ve trained your viewers to go to as opposed to Snapchat, then it will take them to the new place, and they’ll be able to find you very quickly.

Now, as far as the downloading of the videos, let’s see. I’m going to go ahead and switch over to the desktop so you guys can see here. I should mention with Facebook, there’s two different kinds of accounts. There’s Pages, and then there are Profiles. They are handled differently, as far as saving the videos. What I want to do is quickly I’m going to show you how to do the account version, or Profile, and then we’ll look at the Page one which is a little bit more difficult.

Unfortunately, we’re going to use my personal account here, so let’s see if we can get to Videos without any ridiculous embarrassing things. Oh, good. That’s a good one. That’s me playing around with the effects on a video camera. When you’re on a profile page, and you want to save your videos, you simply, as you saw, you go to “More” and then “Videos” on your account, and then if you hover over a video, you’ll see there’s a small pencil here. If you click on that, it’s as simple as “Download HD” or “Download SD.” Then, if you click one of those, HD of course being high definition and SD being standard definition, it’ll ask you where you want to save it. Boom, you’ve got it.

Now, there isn’t a way that I’m aware of to download all of the videos at the same time. If you have hundreds of videos, and this is true with any other platforms, if you have hundreds of videos, it’s going to take a weekend or so to get all those down, but it’s worth it. You might also just make a habit out of, when you record something, download it and save it so that you have it for later.

Now, if we go back to the .live page, which isn’t a profile, but is a page, it’s almost simpler, but it is very hidden. If you go to “Videos,” you’ll see if you hover over one of the videos, there is no little icon there allowing you to download that. Then, if we go over here to one of our videos, there’s Mark, our .live evangelist. If we come into this particular page, and you click on this little down arrow here, you’ll see that that is where you get your download video. It, I’m assuming, just does HD. It doesn’t give you the option of SD or HD, so I’m not sure about that.

Those are the two ways that you can download your videos and protect them so that content doesn’t go away. Shortly, I will have the YouTube Live instructional up, so if your focus is YouTube Live, keep an eye out for that. I’ll be doing Vine as well. In the comments, if there’s another platform you’re curious about, just add it. I will take a look for you. I think that’s it. Yup.

All right, you guys. Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you have a great day. See you.