Creator Q&A

Brian Fanzo Q&A

[transcript] How’s it going? My name is Brian Fanzo, better known as iSocialFanz. I’m here to answer nine. You got it right. Nine questions that have kind of been seated really around the mindset and philosophy of live and everything live. You’ll notice throughout this video, I love live. I love live in the sense […]

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Alex Pettitt Q&A

How did you get involved with the live video community? I actually started my live streaming journey before apps like Periscope and Facebook Live came out. I started on YouTube live when I was at university and I was live streaming, I founded a TV station at my campus on university streaming the sports events […]

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Marc G on Live Streaming

Hello everyone, this is Marc Gawith. I am the Business Development Manager for We are the owners and operators of the .live domain name here at Be.Live. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about why I got started in live video, why I’m so passionate about it and why I […]

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Joel Comm Q&A

How did you get involved with the live video community? What were the biggest challenges when you started? I’ve been doing live video since 2008 when YouStream.TV became a thing and back in that day you needed to have a pretty robust computer and a studio because there weren’t really apps for the phone to […]

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