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“BeLive helps me to stay on track and stay consistent with the value that I provide to my audience. I believe that my audience not only loves the content I share, but they love to see how my content comes across the screen using the BeLive features. So many amazing features, that I am patient as all of the bugs are ironed out of this beta version.”
Janet Smith
Owner and Managing Director at TalentSmiths
“Just subscribed to BeLive! The BeLivers Facebook Group is also amazing, and I just want to say thanks to everyone for their helpful input.”
Jason R. McElveen
Owner and Founder at Jmac Experience Internet Radio Station
“It takes no time at all to get set up and you could be broadcasting very very high quality live streams that engage your audience close more sales and grow your business”
Owen Hemsath
Founder of “The Video Marketing School”
“Be.Live is the number one thing that transformed my business because of how it allowed me to show up online”
Maria Flynn
Founder and Writer at One Wise Life
“I love Be.Live because it has helped us to generate more leads and more sales... We brought in 100,000 dollars in sales thanks to Be.Live”
Molly Mahoney
Performance Coach, speaker and author
streams created
streams created
The average Be.Live stream is more effective
in comparison to other native application streams
Based on analysis of 153,595 BeLive shows on Facebook

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