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Run Engaging Mobile Live Streams On The Go Like A Pro

Expand your audience with multistreaming, branded streams and live chats.
700M+ viewers
engaged worldwide
Facebook Live Video
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Invite a Guest To Your Stream
Doing an interview? Or want to invite your pal or gal to the chat? You can invite guests to join you from desktop or mobile via a secure link.
Grow Your Audience & Stream to Multiple Destinations
With Be.Live iOS app, you can stream to 5 destinations simultaneously. This could be YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin, all at the same time. You can even stream to private Facebook groups.
Chat With Your Audience
The app will aggregate the comments from all your destinations and will show them on the screen so you can interact with your audience on a higher level.
Personalize Your Stream
You can personalize your stream with a logo or small animated icon, pick yours.
Broadcast in Landscape or Portrait mode
Run engaging live shows in landscape or portrait mode!
Switch Between Cameras
That’s a big one, imagine how interactive your show will look if you could switch between rear and the front-facing cameras in your iPhone, while you’re streaming. It’s all now possible with Be.Live iOS App.


700M+ viewers engaged worldwide