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Create Shoppable Videos To Boost Your Commissions

Produce quick Shoppable videos using our helpful guide and straightforward editing tools to maximize your commission as an Amazon Influencer.
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Upload Your Video Or Record With Be.Live
Use a pre-recorded video, repurpose past streams, or create a new recording inside Be.Live. Showcase the product in action and share your review with potential shoppers.

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Trim And Edit Online
Trim the desired footage in the web-based editor, adjust the layout or aspect ratio of the video, and add text for a more impactful visual.

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Guide and Checklist
Not sure where to begin? We've compiled all of Amazon's rules into a streamlined guide and checklist, so you can create successful Shoppable videos without any hesitation.

Engage. Sell. Have fun.

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Create video reviews on products and earn commissions when shoppers make qualifying purchases on Amazon.